About the SNAP project

Shropshire Newport Archive Photos

In 2005 Newport History Society reorganised their photographic archives. We did not want them to be permanently in a store. We wanted the public to view them and help us identify people and places.

As a result of a Local Heritage Initiative lottery grant in the same year, we embarked on a three year project to digitise in all our archive photos and slides. We also – and still do- digitise other people’s local photos. They are all now accessible to the public on this website.

The site is still growing because we now add as well  – Newport today, since today will be tomorrows history!

This project was undertaken by and under the auspices of:

How to Contact Us…

If you wish to contribute information about our photographs, or if you wish us to scan in some of your photos or slides for inclusion on the website. Please contact info@newporthistorysociety.org. We, of course, reserve the right to decide which images should be added.

How do I look at images?

You can browse images either by searching for something in the search bar for example a name, a place, a date or a topic, looking through the categories or just simply browsing the images found on the homepage.

Can the photos be printed?

All the images are a lowered resolution. This is because we now have over 6,000 images on the website and we cannot have 6,000 high resolution photos on our server.  As a result, all our images are initially scanned at high resolution and then lowered for the web pages. This means that if anyone wishes to purchase a higher quality image, it can be ordered, and can be sent via email or in the post for a small fee. Please enquire using our info@newporthistorysociety.org email address.

How can I contribute information?

If you know who someone is, or what date it is or any other information that you think may contribute to people’s enjoyment of the images, please use the email address.

Mystery Photos

We do have some mystery photos. If you search for ‘mystery’ or browse the Mystery items category, you will get our collection of odd images where we know little or nothing about the photos. Again, contact us if you can help identify people.