Adams Grammar School Athletics team.


Adams Grammar School Athletics team. 1953. Pictured on the back row, from left: MJ Cooper, R Clutton, GD Addis, CJ Howland, Mr G Richards, M Jones, J Beynon, RC Salmon, RM Horwood. Middle row, from left; Mr A Johnson, JA Simpson, Ron Temperton (the town's estate agent), A Knight, CT Shooter, MJ Rainsford, CA Warrillow, DW Ball, CH Crow, JM Pegum, Mr DH Jones and Mr A Harding (future mayor). Front row , from left; DB Webber, ME Hill, MJ Gargery, ND Minshall, captain, JE Duffy, J Hugill, RJ Knight, MJ Coulter and R Paxton. Image courtesy of Newport Advertiser.

Date: 1953

File number: N005703

Classification code: 07.17.01